Hello. I'm Benjamin Ashbaugh.

I'm a student, aspiring developer, programmer, and maker.

(this was my website from 2018-2020. For my current one, please visit benjaminashbaugh.me)

About Me

My name is Benjamin. I'm a student from Colorado interested in web development, deep learning, engineering, computational physics and more. I'm a self-taught programmer, 3d printing and maker-movement enthusiast, and science lover. I'm an active member of Hack Club.


All skills listed below (except for Inventor & SolidWorks) were self-taught, using books & online tutorials.

Web Development

I know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript relatively well. I know Vue.js 2.0 and Nuxt, which is my favorite JS framework. I also know some TypeScript and React. As for server-side, I mostly use Node.js and Express.


I've used Flask for web development and PyGame for some simple games. I've experimented with a bit of deep learning with keras - for example I created a model to detect how many fingers I was holding up using pictures from my Raspberry Pi camera. I've also used python for other Raspberry pi projects.

3d printing & Electronics

I know Autodesk Fusion 360 & Inventor; I am also SolidWorks certified in mechanical design at the level of Associate (CSWA). I also know Arduino basics and basic digital/analog electronics (for example I built a line-following robot and I'm familiar with H-bridge circuits, etc.).

Game Development

I know Unity and Blender basics. I'm fairly proficient with C# and I've started a few small 2d and 3d games in Unity with it. I've also dabbled in Unreal Engine 4 with C++.


This is a list of projects I've worked on. More coming soon...

Featured Projects

Other Projects

HIP Living Website

started: 23 Oct 2020

I designed and programmed the HIP Living Coach life coaching website with Next.js, and also set up the invoicing system with Stripe, automated email system with Mailgun, CMS with Netlify CMS, and a custom contract/agreement form system.

bweb.apps homepage

started: 17 Oct 2020

I host a few of my projects on subdomains at bweb.app so I made a super simple landing page animated portfolio for it with links to each of the subdomains. It’s got an animated Vanta.js background and gradient cards.

ByteHacks 2020 Project

started: 31 Jul 2020

For my first hackathon ever, I participated in ByteHacks 2020, a student-led high school virtual hackathon. The theme was to create a app that would have helped people during a historical event, so my team created an app to help people find jobs, aid establishments, and more during the Great Depression. As my first hackathon app, it wasn’t the best it was still very fun to make.

List website

started: 10 Mar 2019

To learn Express and mongodb, I created a simple list website where users can create public and private lists, upvote and star them, share them, etc. I never really finished all the functionality (I might in the future) but you can try it out at listfest.herokuapp.com if you want to.

A very simple evolution learning simulation

started: 18 Dec 2018

A simple game I made that simulates basic evolution by teaching circles how to jump over blocks. Basically, each circle is initialized with random properties (such as size, jumping power, jump delay, etc.) and circles that do the best are “bred” into the next generation. Simple mutations are also introduced each generation.

My First Website & blog

started: 27 Jul 2018

The first medium-sized website I created was a blog, made with Jekyll and HTML/CSS/JS/markdown with the help of the le4ker’s Personal Jekyll Theme. I originally hosted it on github pages, then on netlify at scitronboy.com. Now, I’ved moved it to this domain.

Radar Defense - a simple game with a homemade controller

started: 23 Jul 2018

A very simple (and bad) game I made with python in which you defend a base that is running out of energy against missiles with shields and a radar tower. I also built a homemade controller for it using an arduino and some switches. I wrote a short post about it after I made it.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me using the form below. Feedback about my site and projects is much appreciated.